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Illustrasjonsbilde: Avinor - OSL

Case Study: How Avinor became better at Business Management

April 5, 2022

Previously, Avinor had a cumbersome and complex support system in Excel to follow-up strategic business management. Consequently, they looked for a simpler system for reporting and follow-up. The solution they choose is now being used on a daily basis and is available to everyone. Avinor, like most companies, spent a lot of resources on monitoring…

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How do you succeed with execution of strategy and change processes?

February 1, 2022

In the past everything was simpler, also with regards to strategy processes. Management decided on a strategic plan for the coming period, and gave orders to the workforce on what to do. Today, it’s rather more challenging. The markets and competition is confusing and changing, technology development is extremely rapid (and increasing in pace), and…

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