What we do

InXight develops and delivers disruptive software solutions to the business market. In 2021, InXight acquired the company Strategy Orchestrator AS, and both companies became part of the Orbify.AI group. The company has customers in both the private business sector and the public sector.

We are located at Fornebu and in Sandefjord.


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InXight’s goal is to solve the following problems:

Manual processes

Manual and outdated systems, limited operational insight and lack of automation, which is preventing most businesses from operating efficiently.

Unrealized innovation

Failure to operationalize innovation, which is preventing growth and valuation.

Lack of insight

Lack of insight in customers and innovation, which prevents automation of customer operations and limits innovative processes

How we do it

We provide smart and intuitive SaaS solutions for operational insight, innovation and automation of business management processes, which are critical to effectiveness, competitiveness and growth. We simplify and inprove processes which are critical for efficiency, competitiveness and growth.

These solutions allows our customers to

  • Gain insight about their operations
  • Streamline and automate operations for efficiency
  • Automate key manual processes. for cost savings
  • Operationalize continuous innovation to be competitive and generate new revenue streams

What are the benefits?

  • Increased growth, competitiveness and valuation
  • Reduced costs & increased resource efficiency
  • Improved sustainability, reputation and faster renewal of product portfolio
  • Improved ability to attract talent, customers, partners and new capital
  • Simplified governance and adherence to regulation.