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Manage smarter with the Orchestrator Platform


Orchestrator is a Norwegian, smart, cloud-based software platform.

The platform currently has three separate modules; management of strategic processes, overview and management of innovation, as well as compliance with legislation and all activities carried out in an organization to ensure that it acts in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and any other provisions or internal guidelines.

As a customer, you can choose the module or modules you need, and you only pay for what you use.


Benefits with the Orchestrator Platform


Powerful, simple and intuitive - quick to get started with

  • Scalable, configurable, role-based and secure
  • Cloud-based service with SSO and easy integration with important business systems
  • Provides insight and transparency in the organization and contributes to engagement
  • Ensures accountability and execution - easy to delegate and manage
  • Ensures management control and insight - all documentation in one place
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Strategy Orchestrator
  • Updated insight and control on all levels at all times
  • All relevant management information in one place (Goals, Strategy, KPI, Measures)
  • Effective execution of strategies and processes
  • Additional option: Risk management

Innovation Orchestrator
  • Insight and overview of innovation
  • Innovation qualification
  • Innovation management
  • Innovation Measurement
  • Portfolio management
  • Supports ISO 56002

Compliance Orchestrator
  • Privacy/GDPR
  • IT security
  • HES / Physical security
  • Business rules / Policies / ISO Standards
  • Information management