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The strategy software every leaders need

All companies has some idea of what their strategic goals are. It is often what has made the company what it is at any given point in time. It is…

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Innovation culture

Even if the business succeeds in innovating, this does not mean that the organization has a solid and productive culture of innovation. Developing a culture of innovation requires carefully planned…

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What is innovation structure?

An innovation structure refers to the organizational framework and processes that are put in place to support and manage innovation within a company. The structure can vary depending on the…

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Innovation structure with goals, strategy and initiatives

Å sette innovasjon på agendaen handler mye om ambisjonsnivå og forankring i ledelsen. Putting innovation on the agenda is a lot about the level of ambition and anchoring in the…

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Take the pulse of Innovation at your company

In larger organisations, innovation takes place everywhere, and it is difficult to keep track of where the innovations are taking place. It could be incremental innovation projects in HR or…

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Involvement of employees in the strategy process is undervalued

Implementing strategies is difficult and is in fact the biggest challenge managers around the world have, and the risk of not being able to implement strategies and reach the goals…

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Deviation management is important for corporate governance

Deviation management is used in many different contexts, for example in quality work, HSE, auditing and internal control. In general, deviations may be that a measure was not 100% implemented,…

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Risk analysis and management – more relevant than ever

In a business climate where change is constant and competition is tougher than ever, risk assessment, analysis and management have become more and more necessary for many companies. In our…

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Illustrasjonsbilde: Avinor - OSL

Case Study: How Avinor became better at Business Management

Previously, Avinor had a cumbersome and complex support system in Excel to follow-up strategic business management. Consequently, they looked for a simpler system for reporting and follow-up. The solution they…

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Egypt Soft and InXight sign Partnership Agreement.

Egypt Soft, a fast-growing information and communication technology firm based in Egypt, and InXight, a Norwegian, disruptive software company focused on driving efficiency and automation of key corporate processes, today…

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