Make wiser decisions


Strategy Orchestrator gives your company full insight into - and control over - the most important information in the company so you can make wiser decisions. The solution provides insight into continuously updated data and status across all departments, business units and teams, down to individual level.


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Norwegian-developed - SaaS - secure - easy to use - quick to get started

Full control and overview

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Transparency on all levels

  • Strategy and change processes
  • Goals, KPIs, measures and risks
  • Transparency on all levels

Good decision support

  • Plan realistically with the right information
  • Plan smarter with prediction
  • Discover deviations - 'this is not going according to plan'
  • Create higher motivation and commitment

We integrate with all your company's data sources and favorite tools

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Total insight

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Achieve company goals

  • Effective implementation of plans, strategies and measures
  • Quick reaction to changes and updated insight, change processes, immediate measures
  • Measure activities, projects, resource use - get better
  • Carry out frequent risk analysis and implement appropriate measures
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The workday changed positively when Avinor replaced spreadsheets. The most important effect of implementing Strategy Orchestrator is increased transparency - across departments and organizational levels. ​ I.e. better insight into our strategy, and also our assessment of our progress towards our goals, and the background for these assessments. This means that Strategy Orchestrator gives us better control and more efficient processes for change management and strategy.


Kristine Rud
Department for strategic business management in Avinor

We solved Avinor's challenges

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