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Manage your organization smarter with InXight's software. The solutions in InXight's Orchestrator platform display relevant and up-to-date information across the organization at all times. This way your organization - at all levels - can make the right decisions and take the necessary measures immediately.

Developed with insights and best practices from customers, experts, goal management methods and Open Innovation Lab Norway.

Strategy Ochestrator

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From strategies and major change processes to smaller measures across the organisation, everything gathered in one place for full overview and control.

With updated data, the management team, departments and teams have full insight into the processes taking place in the organization at all times, so you can quickly make the right decisions in the company - smart, simple and efficient.

Strategy Orchestrator helps our customers manage smarter and achieve their goals through data-driven and efficient implementation of strategy and change processes.

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We are a large organization and there are many ongoing initiatives and processes in the company. We need to collect all these initiatives in one place, so that project owners, management, steering groups, team members and not least employees in the organization can get an overview of all the initiatives in the company. This is especially important for projects that are mutually dependent on each other to deliver.

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We integrate with all your company's data sources and favorite tools

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Innovation Orchestrator

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Innovation Orchestrator is a solution that has been developed to provide full insight into all the innovation projects and ideas from the organisation. Here, the management can gain total insight into ongoing innovation projects and follow them up in a simple way. Employees have a work tool that is specially adapted for innovation projects and that supports international standards.

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