We contribute to efficiency and growth through smart technology.


InXight develops and delivers modern software solutions for the implementation of important business processes.

Our cloud-based Orchestrator business management platform contributes to critical operational insights, basis for decisions, automation and support for innovation.

We help companies and organizations to ensure the successful implementation and execution of important business processes.

The company has private and public sector companies as customers, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orbify.AI.

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Products & Services

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Are you looking for software that solves essential and well-known problems, and helps organizations perform key processes in your business efficiently - thus saving significant time and money?


Do you want to gain better insight and management of your business? We at InXight are dedicated to contributing to better and more efficient business management.

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Increased growth, easier management, increased sustainability and compliance with rules

What are we doing?

We offer smart and intuitive SaaS solutions (Software-as-a-Service) for operational insight and management, support for innovation and automation of work processes. In this way, we simplify and improve processes that are absolutely critical for efficiency, competitiveness and growth.

Meet our team

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John T. Sviland, Øyvind Lundgreen, Thanh Nguyen, Jorge Sanchez, Anders Holstad, Marthe Nymark and Anders Holte.




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