Get more successful innovations

An innovation management system is a structured approach that helps organizations generate and implement new ideas to drive growth and competitive advantage.

In short, Innovation Orchestrator can help organizations to become more innovative, efficient, collaborative, and risk-aware, leading to increased competitiveness and growth.

Problems you solve with Innovation Orchestrator

Many organizations struggle to innovate and come up with new ideas.We can help by providing a structured approach to idea generation, evaluation, and implementation.


Time-saving and full overview

  • Provides management and employees with critical insight and management information, as well as control and an overview of the projects
  • Collects all documentation in one place
  • Simple and intuitive tool for use in communication about innovations in the company
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So far, we have no concrete measurements on our innovation projects, and what gains the innovation projects have given us. This means that we often have to spend a lot of time internally defending investments in the innovation projects. This leads to demotivated teams and a feeling that innovation is not important for the company - even though management often expresses that this is important.

Anita's problem

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