For smartere management - Orchestrator Platform

Orchestrator is a smart, cloud-based software platform, developed by the Norwegian company Strategy Orchestrator AS. In 2021 Strategy Orchestrator was acquired by InXight, a company in the Orbify.AI group. The platform consists of several products, which are used by private companies and public enterprises in Norway and internationally.

Today, all organizations need to plan and execute strategy, crisis management, innovation and compliance processes frequently, something our products and our platform help them address.


Why should you care about our Orchestrator products?

Today, all organizations need to plan and execute strategy, crisis, innovation and compliance processes frequently.

The challenge is that 70% of these processes fail to achieve their goals, due to lack of efficient digital tools. Det er her Orchestrator-produktene kommer inn. This is where the Orchestrator products come in to play. The products are easy to use and ensure successful implementation, that you hold the right person responsible, ensure insight and contribute to commitment from employees.

Orchestrator products are used in corporate management to manage and implement strategic processes, for innovation and in compliance with legislation and policies. The products are delivered from a cost-effective and modular cloud-based platform.

The platform currently has three separate modules, strategic processes, innovation and compliance with legislation and policies. As a customer, you can choose the module or modules you need, and you only pay for what you use.

Social strategy-cuate

Overall benefits of the platform:

Powerful, simple and intuitive - quick to get started with

Scalable, configurable, role-based and secure

Cloud-based service with SSO and easy integration with important business systems

Provides insight and transparency in the organization and contributes to engagement

Ensures accountability and execution - easy to delegate and manage

Ensures management control and insight - all documentation in one place

Strategy Orchestrator
  • Strategy execution
  • Change Management
  • Corporate projects
  • KPI management
  • Additional option: Risk management

Innovation Orchestrator
  • Developed in line with ISO 56002 standard
  • Innovation follow up /management
  • Innovation Measurement
  • Proposals and documentation
  • Team based

Compliance Orchestrator
  • Privacy/GDPR
  • IT security
  • HES / Physical security
  • Company rules and policies
  • ISO standards