Business Management - Orchestrator

Orchestrator is a smart, cloud-based software platform, developed by the Norwegian company Strategy Orchestrator AS. In 2021 Strategy Orchestrator was acquired by InXight, a company in the Orbify.AI group. The solution is used by private and public organisations in Norway and in international markets.


Why you should care about Orchestrator?

Today, all organizations need to plan and execute strategy, crisis, innovation and compliance processes frequently.

The challenge is that 70% of these processes fail to achieve their goals, due to lack of efficient digital tools. This is where Orchestrator comes into play. Orchestrator is simple to use and ensures successful execution, accountability, insight and employee engagement.

Orchestrator is used in Business Management to govern and execute strategic processes, innovation and compliance. It includes everything you need in one, cost-efficient and modular platform.

The platform has three separate modules; Strategic Processes, Innovation and Compliance. As a customer, you can choose the module(s) you need, and you only pay for what use.

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Overall benefits of the platform:

Powerful, simple and intuitive

SaaS – get started quickly and painlessly

Provides insight and transparency

Ensures engagement

Clear responsibilities - easy to delegate and manage

Secures management control

Strategy Orchestrator
  • Change Management
  • OKR
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Corporate projects
  • KPI management

Innovation Orchestrator
  • ISO 56002 compliance
  • S - Smart
  • M - Measure
  • A - Activity Based
  • R - Resource Optimized
  • T - Team oriented

Compliance Orchestrator
  • GDPR
  • Risk Management
  • Policy Implementation
  • Security - ISO 27001
  • Data protection

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